Welcome to the official website of JSC “Bekabadcement”.

JSC “Bekabadcement” is the first industrial enterprise of Uzbekistan the history of which starts from 1926.

During the one century history of cement production, our plant is well deserved to have a reputation of the most stable enterprise which manufactures products of the highest quality thanks to well-organized and highly professional personnel team, dynasties of cement producers in the seventh generation in which each worker strives to contribute own honest labor to prosperity and development of the enterprise.

JSC “Bekabadcement” is the only enterprise which combines two technologies of cement production, wet and dry methods, which is also an achievement of the entire personnel team.

We demonstrate confident growth of production each year thanks to the motto of the enterprise: "Quality, reliability and success are with us!"




QUALITY. Quality of products is determined by the best raw material base and the well-organized mechanism of production

in which hourly control of quality is carried out at various stages.

RELIABILITY. It is our capability to fulfill contractual obligations, to carry out deliveries on timely basis as well as confidence of consumers in reliability of structures created using our cement which 100% conforms to declared grades.

SUCCESS. It is a result of quality and reliability as well as confidence in tomorrow and wellbeing of our personnel team.

It is these principles that enable us to produce cement of the highest of quality for more than 90 years.

We expect that your visit will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation between our companies.