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Our company is the leading cement producer in Uzbekistan, and specializes in the production of various grades of Portland cement, including:

CEM I 42,5H, CEM II / A-and 32,5N GOST 31108-2003 "Cements. Specifications. "

Application area: This standard applies to Structural cements (hereinafter - cements), manufactured based on Portland cement clinker, and sets the requirements for the components of the cement and the material composition of these cements.

PC 400-D20, PTs 400-D0 GOST 10178-85 "Portland cement and slag. Specifications. "

Application area: Concrete road and airport paving, concrete pressure and gravity pipes, railway sleepers, bridge structures, racks of high-voltage power line poles, catenary of a railway transportation and lighting.

PC-TO-400 HGOST 10178-85 "Portland cement and slag. Specifications. "

 For all products, produced on the basis of the normalized clinker composition with a content of tricalcium aluminate (C3A) in an amount of not more than 8% by weight.

PC 400-KD20 OzDSt 2830: 2014 "Portland cement with additives composite"

Application areaDesigned for concrete prefabricated and monolithic structures and parts of buildings and structures for various purposes. Portland cement with composite additives are cement General. Portland cement with the additive composition does not apply to concrete structures responsible (road and airport paving, concrete and non-pressure pipes, railway sleepers, bridge structures, rack supports high-voltage electricity, the catenary of a railway transportation and lighting.)

SSPTS 400-D0, PPC GOST 22266-94 "Cements sulfate. Specifications. "

Application area: Cements sulfate include special cement. Intended for making concrete and reinforced concrete structures, having corrosion resistance when exposed to environments corrosive in their content of sulfates.

  1. 1.      Production quality control


 Control the quality of products is carried out according to the approved scope of accreditation of the test unit.

 The test unit has a certificate of accreditation and quality management. production control is carried out according to the approved JSC "Bekabadtsment" technological instruction card process control.


  1. 2.      Regulations


Normative documents for cement and clinker


GOST 30515-97

Cements. General specifications


GOST 10178-85

Portland cement and slag. specifications


GOST 22266-94

Cements sulfate. Technical conditions.


GOST 31108-2003

Cements. specifications


O'zDSt 2830: 2014

Composite Portland cement with the additives. specifications


O'zDSt 913: 2017

Portland cement for the production of products hrizotiltsementnyh


O'zDSt 2801: 2013

Portland clinker. specifications

Test methods. Methods for chemical analysis


GOST 310.1-76

Cements. Test methods. General provisions


GOST 310.2-76

Cements. Methods for determining the fineness


GOST 310.3-76

Cements. Methods for determination of normal consistency, setting time and soundness


GOST 310.4-81

Cements. Methods for determination of flexural strength and compression


GOST 30744-2001

Cements. Test methods using sand multifractional


GOST 5382-91

Cements and materials of cement production. Methods for chemical analysis