Consumer Goods

The main purpose of the project is to organize new work places, to expand the range of finished products and to diversify production. The most important task of industry is systemic reduction of prime-cost of products. Achievements made in this direction by advanced enterprises are a result of improvement in production organization, raising of labor productivity, energy saving consumption of material resources and best utilization of production of capacities of enterprises. Identification and implementation of production reserves is one of the most important sources of industry development; taking into account that production reserves are not depleted by elimination of non-productive losses but also include implementation of advanced technology, machinery and organization of production. Production of new kinds of products will assist to raise turnover of the enterprise and to satisfy needs of the population.

At the present time, activities are actively carried out to create lines at the enterprise for production of consumer goods:


Production of Furniture

To produce any cabinet furniture irrespective of production volumes, applied materials and equipment as well as features of technological processes. The system is divided into a number of modules in accordance with main tasks of furniture production. Each module provides for two operating regimes: autonomous regime and system integrated regime. All modules are harmonized with each other according to input and output data, i.e. each module may use output data of other modules as its input data. Thereby, joint operation of all modules forms a single data space. Application of this principle allows configuring the system in accordance with features of technological process, organizing its phased implementation and operative connecting of new modules.


Production of Plastic and Aluminium Windows;

Plastic windows may be used in production, public and residential buildings; there are no hygienic limitations in application thereof. Another aspect is that windows made of any material including PVC must meet technical requirements such as: heat conductivity, rationed air exchange, sound insulation and other. These factors determine application scope thereof.

Production of reinforced concrete and concrete products.

Pedestrian curb is a universal road material which is applied in various fields. Most often, pedestrian curbs are applied in residential or civil construction, landscape design, and country cottage plots and other.

Pedestrian tiles are concrete wall stones of various kinds: concrete pedestrian tiles and pavestone and standard bricks. These products have good quality, high compression strength and precise size. They are widely used in construction, covering for roads and squares, etc. 

FBS Block is a fundamental element of many buildings or structures. Blocks are designed for structures of buildings and structures for various purposes, such erection of basement walls, technical cellar, belt foundations, and unheated buildings, walls for production, basement and residential buildings.

In our work with clients, we intend to move to creation and improvement of product quality by regular examination of desires (recommendations) and support them with own developments.