Our goals and objectives

The Youth Union of Uzbekistan seeks to create a physically healthy, spiritually mature and intellectually developed, independent young generation, to protect young people from external threats and the harmful effects of "mass culture", to help protect the rights and legitimate interests of young people. The Union is a non-governmental non-profit organization uniting the youth of Uzbekistan.
The main goal of the Union is to deepen democratic, political and economic reforms in the country, strengthen peace and harmony in society, involve Uzbekistan in the process of joining developed countries and ensure effective protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the younger generation. professional development, assistance in the realization of intellectual and creative potential.
The main tasks of the Union are:
         • Formation of diversified, independent youth with their own position and convictions, capable of taking a worthy place in society, being a decisive force and support in the process of reforming the country, improving their political culture, legal literacy and legal awareness;
         • Education of young people, especially unorganized youth, in the spirit of morality and military patriotism, instilling in them a sense of historical memory, national pride and identity, participation in events, respect for national and human values;
         • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of young people, support for their aspirations to acquire modern professions, to engage in entrepreneurial activity;
         • support talented youth, create conditions for them to realize their creative and intellectual potential and involve them in scientific activity;
         • formation of young people, especially unorganized ones, of a healthy lifestyle, ecological culture, their wide involvement in regular physical culture and sports;
         • Protection of youth, especially unorganized youth, from the influence of religious extremist and other destructive organizations, from negative influences and threats emanating from abroad under the guise of “mass culture”, assistance in the prevention of delinquency and crime among youth, etc.
Legal entities and individuals can join the Union in the manner prescribed by the Charter. that is, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 14 to 30 years old, as well as stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan, who express a desire to support the goals of the Union, can become members of the Union.
At the same time, members of the Union may be non-governmental non-profit organizations in the field of youth and enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of youth and other legal entities, the constituent documents of which do not contradict the goals, objectives and program documents of the Union.